Downloads for PDFUnit products

The provided versions of PDFUnit have full functionality. When you start the tests, a message box appears with a simple arithmetic question which has to be answered by the user.

The ZIP file contains all dependent libraries.

Präsentation auf der Konferenz PDF Days Europe 2016

A detailed presentation about the features of PDFUnit is now available for all, who can't join the conference.

Automated PDF Testing with PDFUnit

Extra version for the PDF Days Europe 2016

The evaluation version of PDFUnit contains a license key which is valid until 15.11.2016. It's easier to work with the product when no message box is shown.

Präsentation (englisch)

PDFUnit overview


PDFUnit-Java, release 2016.05

Example project, incl. release 2016.05


Manual PDFUnit-Java (PDF)

Manual PDFUnit-Java (online)

Manual PDFUnit-Java (zipped HTML)

JavaDoc (online)

JavaDoc (zipped HTML)


Release PDFUnit-Monitor 2016.05

Manual PDFUnit-Monitor (PDF)

Manual PDFUnit-Monitor (online)

Manual PDFUnit-Monitor (zipped HTML)

PDFUnit-Perl (PDF::PDFUnit)

PDFUnit-Perl is availabe as a CPAN modul with the name PDF::PDFUnit. The software is installed by using the standard tools 'ppm' or 'cpanm'. The provided file README describes the installation under Linux and Windows.

PDF::PDFUnit, direct link to CPAN

Manual PDFUnit-Perl (PDF)

Manual PDFUnit-Perl (online)

Manual PDFUnit-Perl (zipped HTML)

Installation instruction, README


Release PDFUnit-XML 2015.10

Manual PDFUnit-XML (PDF)

Manual PDFUnit-XML (online)

Manual PDFUnit-XML (zipped HTML)