Licensing for PDFUnit

General Information:

The software 'PDFUnit' is the copyrighted property of

You can evaluate PDFUnit free of charge. But you need a license when using the software commercially. We calculate the price depending on your planned usage of PDFUnit. So, projects having a small benefit from using PDFUnit pay less.

Possibilities to calculate the license fee

  1. Calculation based on the size of your company:
    For each employee in your company you pay 10 Euros per year.

  2. Calculation based on the usage of PDFUnit:
    For each PDF document leaving your company you pay 0.01 Euro per year.

  3. Calculation based on the saving you make by using PDFUnit:
    This approach assumes that PDFUnit is only used when a project aims to save money. You pay 30% of what you save by using our software.

Individual licensing options

Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. All of the options have pros and cons because they depend on the type of your organization and project. We aim for a pricing agreement which is transparent and fair to both parties.

Please, submit a proposal to license[at]

Penalty Fee

The idea of ​​being fair includes a clear message that we strictly prohibit any unlicensed commercial use of PDFUnit. The term "commercial" means that money is earned in any way. When you are using PDFUnit in a commercial context without a valid license, you have to pay a minimum penalty fee of 0.01 Euro for every PDF document which leaves your company during the period of usage. When your software is a service which does not produce PDF documents itself, then the minimum penalty fee is 0.01 Euro for every PDF document produced by those programs your service serves. If the amount thus determined is less than 1,000 Euros, a minimum of 1,000 Euros per year will be charged.

In addition, you pay all legal fees.

An organization that discovers that it has mistakenly breached our copyright and reports this abuse themselves does not need to pay a penalty. In that case only the license fee for the time of usage will be charged.

In case of any conflict, German law applies. Court hearings will be in Germany.