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Legal Notice


The website provides information about the software 'PDFUnit'. The software 'PDFUnit' is a commercial product for automated tests of PDF documents. 'PDFUnit' can be evaluated for 90 days without charge.


Anyone who uses 'PDFUnit' except for evaluation must purchase a license. The license costs are calculated individually. Read the license info for further information.

Liability for content

The website has been created with great care. Any use of published information is at your own risk. If the information published infringes the rights of third parties, we will correct the corresponding content as soon as we are informed of those infringements.

Liability for links

The website and the sample programs contain links to documents and external sites which are outside our influence. We found no illegal contents at the time of linking. If linked contents violate any laws we will remove such links as and when we are made aware of the problem.


We respect the copyrights of third parties. If you notice a copyright infringement, please let us know and we will remove it.

Privacy Policy

The use of our website is possible without providing personal information. We will under no circumstances pass on your personal data to any third party.

The contact data published in the imprint of may not be used for advertising or unsolicited mails which are unrelated to PDFUnit.

License violation

If 'PDFUnit' is used in a commercial context without a license, a penalty fee has to be paid in addition to the calculated license for the time of use. The penalty fee is 0.01 Euro for every PDF document which was processed by the company. The minimal fee is 1,000 Euro per year of unlicensed use plus legal costs.

In legal disputes, German law applies.