3.29.  Version Info


Sometimes generated PDF documents need to have a particular version number before they can be processed in a workflow. That can be tested using the following tag:

<!-- Tag to verify version: -->

<hasVersion matching=".."      (One of the three) 
            greaterThan=".."   attributes has
            lessThan=".."      is required.)

One Distinct Version

The format of a PDF version number is defined by XML Schema as number point number. The next example checks for the version 1.4:

<testcase name="hasVersion_v14">
  <assertThat testDocument="version/pdf-version-1.4.pdf">
    <hasVersion matching="1.4" />

Ranges of Versions

With the attributes greaterThan and lessThan you can verifiy that the version of a PDF document lies in a given range:

<testcase name="hasVersion_GreaterThanLessThan">
  <assertThat testDocument="version/pdf-version-1.6.pdf" >
    <hasVersion greaterThan="1.3" lessThan="1.7" /> 1


Upper and lower limit values are exclusive.

Also upcoming versions can be tested:

<testcase name="hasVersion_LessThanFutureVersion">
  <assertThat testDocument="version/pdf-version-1.6.pdf" >
    <hasVersion lessThan="2.0" />