3.28.  Trapping Info


Trapping is described in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trap_%28printing%29). In short: Trapping means to define information for the printing process to avoid uncolored paper after printing a multicolored document. The Wikipedia article provides further links to detailed information from Adobe.

A PDF document contains the information about whether it is trapped or not. Adobe Reader® shows the property Trapped in the document properties dialog:

Trapped can have the values Yes, No and Unknown. Only one tag is provided to verify this property:

<!-- Tag to verify trapping information: -->

<hasTrappingInfo value=".."  (required) 

  Only these constants are allowed for the attribute 'value': 



<testcase name="hasTrappingInfo_Yes">
  <assertThat testDocument="trapping/trapping-info_yes.pdf">
    <hasTrappingInfo value="YES" />
<testcase name="hasTrappingInfo_No">
  <assertThat testDocument="trapping/trapping-info_no.pdf">
    <hasTrappingInfo value="NO" />
<testcase name="hasTrappingInfo_Unknown">
  <assertThat testDocument="trapping/trapping-info_unknown.pdf">
    <hasTrappingInfo value="UNKNOWN" />