13.12. Version History

August 2011

In November 2011 I presented the existing version of PDFUnit-Java to Jürgen Sieben. His question whether an XML-Dialect is scheduled is the reason why I started with PDFUnit-XML. First I did a proof of concept but I had no time to make substantial progress with this new idea.


The XML API evolved mostly in the second quarter. Then my job and the enhancements to PDFUnit-Java took up all my time.

Release 2013.01

The release name is identical to the name of PDFUnit-Java because both cover the same functionality. In the second quarter of 2013 the german version of the manual was created.

Release 2014.06

Many small improvements led to a new version of PDFUnit-Java. They were also implemented in PDFUnit-XML. And the english version of the manual is available.

Release 2015.10

The new release contains some new functions. The main new feature is a graphical user interface called PDFUnit-Monitor. With the monitor non-developers can use PDFUnit. The monitor read the test information from one or more Excel files.