13.13. Unimplemented Features, Known Bugs

Problems with RTL Text Direction

Currently, text with the writing direction right-to-left (RTL), e.g. PDF documents with text in Hebrew or Arabic are not processed correctly. (Rotated text with the writing direction left-to-right can be tested without any problem.)

Text Overflow in Fields

In the current release 2054.10 text overflow in fields can not be detected when the last line of the text starts inside the field but extends outside.

Fields with the attribute hidden

The property hidden of a form field is evaluated incorrectly in some situations. This problem is currently under investigation using appropriate test documents.

Extraction of Field Information

Some properties of form fields are not extracted, for example background color , border color and border styles .

Extraction of Signature Information

Currently not all signature data is exported into XML. It is possible that the XML structure will change in future releases.


In the current release 2054.10 colors cannot be tested directly. If colors have to be tested, the test has to be carried out using rendered pages. The sections 3.17: “Layout - Entire PDF Pages” and 3.18: “Layout - in Clipping Areas” describe such tests.

Content of Layers

Tests related to text and images are not restricted to layers.

Verifying PDF/A compliance

In one of the next releases PDFUnit will check the PDF/A compliance of a PDF document.

Complete XMP data

In the current release only the document-level XMP data are extracted and evaluated.

Cross Constraints in XML

The content of some XML tags depend on each other. Such dependencies can not be specified by XML Schema. So a parser can not validate it. It is intended, to provide a Schematron ruleset for cross constraints. Good information about Schematron is available in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schematron).