3.8.  Fast Web View


The term Fast Web View means that a server can deliver a PDF document to a client one page at a time. The ability to do this, is a function of the server, but the PDF document itself has to support this ability. Objects that are needed to render the first PDF page have to be stored at the beginning of the file.

Fast Web View can be seen in the properties dialog with Adobe Reader®.

PDFUnit looks for a PDF-object (dictonary) with the key /Linearized and the value 1. Additionally, when the document length stored in the same dictionary is the same as the actual file length, the following test results in a green bar.

<!-- Tag to verify fast web view:  -->

<isLinearizedForFastWebView />


<testcase name="isLinearizedForFastWebView">
  <assertThat testDocument="fastWebView/fastWebView_yes.pdf">
    <isLinearizedForFastWebView />