Chapter 11. Installation, Configuration, Update

11.1.  Technical Requirements

PDFUnit needs Java 7 or higher.

Also the runtime libraries of iText version 5.3.3 or higher are needed. They are not included in PDFUnit because they need a separate license.

If you run PDFUnit with ANT, Maven or other tools, you have to install those tools independently from PDFUnit.

Tested Environments

PDFUnit was successfully tested in these environments:

Operating System Java Version
  • Windows-XP, 32 Bit

  • Windows-7, 64 Bit

  • Kubuntu Linux 12/04, 32 Bit

  • Kubuntu Linux 12/04, 64 Bit

  • Mac OS X, 64 Bit

  • Oracle JDK-1.7.0, 32 + 64 Bit

  • Oracle JDK-1.8.0, 64 Bit

  • Oracle JDK-1.8.0 b100, Windows, 32 + 64 Bit

  • IBM J9, R26_Java726_SR4, Windows 7, 64 Bit

  • OpenJDK-1.6.0, 64 Bit

  • Apple Inc. 1.6.0, 64 Bit

An error occurs with the JDK version IBM J9, R26_Java726_SR1 under Windows 7, 32 Bit.

The JDK version Oracle 1.8.0 processes PNG files differently from version 1.7.x. Therefore image files of rendered PDF pages have to be rendered using the same Java version when they are used in PDFUnit tests.

More combinations of Java and operating systems will be tested in the future.

If you have any problem with the installation, please contact us under problem[at]