12.7.  Installation of a New Release

The installation of a new release of PDFUnit-Java runs just like the initial installation, because PDFUnit is always delivered as a full release, never as an incremental release.

Getting the New Release

If you use PDFUnit without a license, download the new ZIP file from the internet: http://www.pdfunit.com/en/download/index.html.

If you use PDFUnit with a license, you will receive a new release by mail with an attached ZIP file and a license file.

First Steps for all Development Environments

Before you start installing the new release, run all existing unit tests with the old release. They should be green.

Save your project.

Install the Update

Unzip the new release, but not into the existing project folder. In the following text the folder with your new release is called PDFUNITJAVA_HOME_NEW and the project folder is called PROJECT_HOME.

Delete the folder PROJECT_HOME/lib/pdfunit-OLD-VERSION.

Copy the directory PDFUNITJAVA_HOME_NEW to the folder, where the old release was located, for example to PROJECT_HOME/lib/pdfunit-NEW-VERSION.

If you had placed the file pdfunit.config in a different folder than the installation folder, copy the corresponding new file from PROJECT_HOME/lib/pdfunit-NEW-VERSION to that folder where it was located in the old release.

If you used the file pdfunit.config with individual settings, transfer the changes to the pdfunit.config of the new release.

If you use PDFUnit with a license, copy the new license file license-key_pdfunit-java.lic to the folder containing the old release.

Next Steps in ANT

No configuration steps are necessary for ANT if you have declared the classpath as described before in this chapter.

Next Steps in Maven

The new release has to be installed into your local or company-wide repository. Open a shell, change to the directory PROJECT_HOME/lib/pdfunit-NEW-VERSION and submit the following command:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=pdfunit-java-VERSION.jar -DpomFile=pom.xml

Next Steps in Eclipse

Include all new JAR files in the build path. Remove the old JAR files from the build path. Eclipse should not show any build path error.

Register the Javadoc documentation again as described in chapter : “Configuring Eclipse”.

Last Step

Run the existing tests with the new release. If there are no documented incompatibilities between the new and the old release, the tests should run green again. Otherwise read the release information.