Chapter 1. About this Documentation

Who Should Read it

This documentation is addressed to all people who are involved in the process of creating PDF documents. That are not only software developers who create programs which produce PDF documents, that are also members of the quality assurance staff and project managers.

Code Examples

The code examples in the following chapters are colorized similar to the Eclipse-editor to facilitate the reading of this documentation. They are combined with JUnit but you can also use PDFUnit with TestNG. A code example with TestNG is shown in the appendix. A demo project with many examples is available here:


The Javadoc documentation of the API is available online:

Other Programming Languages

PDFUnit is available not only for Java, but also for .NET and XML. Separate documentation exists for each language.

If there are Problems

If you have problems to test a PDF, please search for a similar problem in the internet. Maybe, you find a solution. Finally, you are invited to write to info[at] and describe the problem. We'll try to help you.

New Features Wanted?

Do you need other test functions? Please feel free to send your requirements to You are invited to influence the further development of PDFUnit.


Some examples in this book use PDF documents from the web. For legal reasons I make clear that I dissociate myself from their content, for instance I can not read Chinese. These documents support tests, for which I could not create my own test documents, e.g. the Chinese PDF documents.


Axel Miesen developed the Perl-API of PDFUnit and during that time he asked a lot of questions about the Java API. PDFUnit Java has profitted greatly from his input. Thank you, Axel.

Unfortunately, my English is not as good as I would like. But my colleague John Boyd-Rainey read the first version of this English documentation and corrected a huge number of misplaced commas and other typical errors. Thank you, John, for your perseverance and thoroughness. However, all remaining errors are my fault. He also asked critical questions which helped me to sharpen some descriptions.

Production of this Documentation

This documentation was created with DocBook-XML and both PDF and HTML are generated from one text source. It is well known that the layout can be improved in both formats, e.g. the pagebreaks in PDF format. And improving the layout is already on the to-do list, but there are other tasks with higher priority.


Any kind of feedback is welcomed. Please write to info[at]